Installation services

and charges

Take all the fuss and time out of installing your clothesline, letterbox or Vuly play equipment. Take advantage of our installation service.

Austwest installers are experienced and reliable. Their work is guaranteed for 12 months and they can work with you to get the best outcome for your needs. Normally we can get your job done usually within 2-5 working days..

Our service area is highlighted in the map below. We can also quote jobs involving multiple installations outside of the Perth metropolitan area on request. 

Our Installation prices include delivery, all materials and a 12 month guarantee. For repairs please call us for advice and a quote.  




Install Folding Rotary - $140

Re-stringing Folding Rotary - $140 + $50 for premium polycord

Install Galvanised Rotary - $220

Re-wire Galvanised Rotary - $140 + $60 for wire

Folding frames and Versalines

Install wall mount - $140

Install ground mount - $180 

Re-stringing - $140 + $40 for premium polycord


Install wall to wall - $140

Install wall to post - $180

Install post to wall - $180

Install post to post - $180

Call out charge for repairs - $140 plus cost of parts

Modification charge - $30 (on site modification to adjust the width of your clothesline if required)

Removal of old clothesline - $55 (rotaries are commonly cut off at ground level and the edge smoothed out). We take your old clothesline away for recycling.

Removal of concrete - $100 (charge for digging out any concrete left in the ground after the removal of a ground mount or old rotary if desired) 

Paver surcharge - $20 (charge for removing pavers to allow for installation noting that we do not replace pavers) 


Install post and pillar letterboxes - Starting from $140


Vuly trampolines installation and delivery - $230 

Vuly swing and playsets - Installation and delivery - ask for a quote

service map