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Vuly - The Brand

  • Vuly was founded in 2008 and is based in Brisbane.

  • ​Vuly is at the forefront of global developments in trampolining and swing sets.

  • Vuly's superior product and accomplished industrial design has been recognised and awarded at the International Good Design Awards.

  • Vuly uses advanced processes and does extensive testing to ensure the longevity of its products. 

  • Vuly stands behind its product with half price parts for life and generous warranties.

  • Austwest Outdoors is your local Authorised Vuly Re-seller in Perth.

"An extremely helpful and accommodating team! Austwest were so helpful and flexible

with their delivery and payment services. All goods arrived in perfect condition..

would definitely do business here again." 


Vuly - Safety first

​Vuly trampolines EXCEED the Australian standards for safety. Standard features include self closing doors and enclosures that prevent any contact with springs or frame.


​It is important to teach your kids safe trampoline play. Vuly Hero and Olympic Trampolinist Blake Gaudry recently joined forces with Kidsafe Australia

to produce this video on safe jumping for kids. 


Vuly - Health Benefits

Trampolining promotes good health by:

  • Improving overall fitness, including digestion, blood/lymphatic circulation, muscle strength co-ordination and balance. 

  • Strengthening the immune system.

  • Improving the circulation of oxygen to the brain, helping brain growth in children.

  • Stimulating endorphins that reduce stress, anxiety and promote happiness. ​

  • Trampolining is often used in physical therapy for children with disabilities, autism and special needs.

  • Improving sensory input, stress management, socialisation and learning.


Vuly - Our speciality

"For me a trampoline means - FUN, FRIENDS AND HEALTHY OUTDOOR LIVING - three things I value in life. So when the opportunity came along to expand our family business to include trampolines and play equipment, it seemed like like a good idea.

The decision to specialise in VULY turned out to be a positive one. VULY ticks all the boxes when it comes to innovation, safety, quality, durability and after sales service. 


Since 2014 Austwest Outdoors (formerly Trampoline Deals) has sold hundreds of VULY products to satisfied customers in WA and across Australia. We are now among the top five authorised re-sellers of Vuly trampolines and play equipment in Australia! 

VULY play equipment tends to sell itself. By the time most people arrive in our showroom to try out our DEMO MODELS, they already have done their research and share our enthusiasm for the product. They also know we offer excellent prices, match Vuly promotions and more, have flexible LAYBY arrangements and give great advice. So what are you waiting for!" 


We are here to help with how to choose...

How do I choose the right trampoline for my needs

What is the best model for my kids age?

Are Vuly trampolines safe?

What size trampoline will fit into my space?

Can I install the trampoline myself?

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