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Installing your Vuly

DIY or Professional installation


Many of our customers install their Vuly play equipment themselves. Everything you need is included in the box. There are written instructions and installation videos:

Vuly Ultra Installation Video - Click here


Vuly Lift 2 Installation Video - Click here

​Vuly Thunder Installation Video - Click here

Vuly Thunder Pro Installation Video - Click here

Vuly Swing Sets Video - Click here

If you get stuck you can always call Vuly customer care on 1300 667 514.

If you prefer to use an expert Austwest installer for peace of mind. Especially if getting a Thunder model. Installation is guaranteed for 12 months and includes delivery. Let us know if you are ordering over the phone or add installation to your shopping cart if shopping online.


We can also help disassemble and re-assemble Vuly equipment if you are moving house or replacing parts. Call us for a quote..

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