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How to choose your clothesline

With so many brands, types and sizes of clotheslines available, choosing the right one can seem daunting. Relax. We can help. Just follow the steps below and you'll be well on your way to making a good decision. Or call us during working hours and we can recommend one.



You probably already have an idea where you would like to put your clothesline. Just make sure it's in a place with good air circulation and ideally somewhere convenient to the laundry.​



Knowing the clothesline location will help determine what type of clothesline is best for you.

If it is to go on a solid wall a FOLDING FRAME WALL MOUNTED clothesline is the obvious choice. ​

If it is up against a fence for example, shed or a weatherboard wall, a GROUND MOUNTED FOLDING clothesline (including two posts and a mounting bracket) is recommended.

If it is in the backyard, a stand alone rotary is the best drying solution. Choose between a FOLDING ROTARY with folding arms that can be removed from its socket. OR a traditional FIXED ROTARY rotary made of tough galvanised steel, with fixed arms and wire line.

Finally if you have a small courtyard or wish to put your clothesline in an undercover area, a RETRACTABLE line provides a discrete solution, while still offering plenty of line space. ​



Measure the space you have available for a folding clothesline, allowing room to comfortably move around it. Keep in mind that your clothesline must be positioned 500mm or more away from the gas hot water unit for safety reasons. Typically our clotheslines are between 0.6 to 1.5 meters deep and between 3.3 and 2.2 metres wide.


NOTE - Folding clotheslines can be modified width-wise to fit your space. However it is important to get the depth right, as this cannot be changed. 


If you have decided on a rotary clothesline you will need to measure the diameter of the space available. FOLDING ROTARIES are 3 to 4 metres across, while FIXED ROTARIES require 4 to 6 metres.


If it is a Retracting line that suits your needs, measure the distance you would like it to go (in metres) to determine which model to get.


If you do a lot of washing, choose a clothesline that gives you as much line space as possible. Compact clotheslines tend to put lines closer together for this reason. Consider a City Living Low line or the Austral Add-a Line to add extra line space. Or even a second clothesline in a different location, for example a garage or laundry. Portable options are also available, which can be used inside/outside and folded away when not in use. ​


Depending on the brand you choose, our clotheslines come in an attractive range of neutral colours including surf-mist, woodland grey, classic cream, paperbark and pebble beach. Our City Living range offers a wide range of custom colours including charcoal, white and black.



Many people choose to take advantage of our install and delivery service which is guaranteed for one year. If you are handy however you may wish to install your clothesline yourself. Keep in mind that rotaries and anything ground mounted or involving posts, will require digging and concreting and may need to be delivered depending on your vehicle. Wall mounts will easily fit into your car.​


Now that you have established your requirements, take a look at the various clotheslines available on our website that could work for you or visit our showroom at 15/8 Hurley Street in Canning Vale where most clotheslines are on display. We are open 8.30am-4.30pm weekdays and Saturday mornings 9am-12 noon.

Too busy, then we can arrange delivery and installation over the phone. Or if out of hours you can always shop with us online.


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