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Questions & Answers

Trampolines, Playsets, Swings


Why choose Vuly?

Vuly is an Australian based company founded in 2008.​ It is at the forefront of global developments in trampolining and swing sets and has been recognised and awarded at the International Good Design Awards.


Vuly uses advanced processes and does extensive testing to ensure the longevity of its play equipment. It stands behind its product with a half price parts for life program and generous warranties.

Why buy from Austwest?
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Since becoming an Authorised Vuly Re-seller in 2014, Austwest Outdoors (formerly known as Trampoline Deals) has sold hundreds of VULY trampolines. We offer the same promotions and delivery times as Vuly direct.. PLUS MORE. In fact we are in the top five re-sellers of Vuly play equipment in Australia, so you can depend on us.


Customers ordering online, via phone order, or in our showroom, are often referred by family and friends, who know about our discounted prices, flexible lay-by plans and friendly service. 

Pictured left - Libby, mother of two and one of the Vuly specialists at Austwest Outdoors.

How is trampolining good for your health?

Re-bound exercise promotes good health by:

  • Improving overall fitness, including digestion, blood/lymphatic circulation, muscle strength co-ordination and balance. 

  • Strengthening the immune system.

  • Improving the circulation of oxygen to the brain, helping brain growth in children.

  • Stimulating endorphins that reduce stress, anxiety and promote happiness. 

Trampolining is often used in physical therapy for children with disabilities, autism and special needs. Improving sensory input, stress management, socialisation and learning.

Are Vuly trampolines safe?

Vuly trampolines EXCEED the Australian standards for safety. Standard features include self closing doors and enclosures that prevent any contact with springs or frame. The Vuly ladder is also custom built so it fits securely onto the frame and features non slip steps. Vuly UV resistant shade covers provides sun protection.  

How do I choose the "right" trampoline

Deciding on the right trampoline for you will depend on your budget, the space you have available and the age of your children. Your preference for a black power-coated/silver finish, leaf or traditional springs. We recommend a visit our showroom to see our demo models or to give us a call before making your final decision. The website also contains a lot of detailed information about the product, but remember we can always match or better Vuly Direct offers.  Why not watch this video from Vuly with helpful buying advice 

Any further questions?

For questions regarding how to choose the best trampoline for your family please phone us, we are here to help you.

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