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Austral Compact 28 (2.4m wide x 0.94m)

The popular Austral Compact 28 is made of heavy duty, powdercoated galvanised Australian steel. Steel corners for add durability and strength. It is a compact family sized line with 28 metres of line space (12 lines) and can be installed onto a solid wall or ground mounted on posts. 20 year structural warranty. Normally in stock for immediate collection or despatch from our warehouse/showroom.  Call us on 9456 1788 for colour Dune.

Austral Compact 28 (2.4m wide x 0.94m)

  • When we contact you to arrange an installation time, let us know if you would like to take advantage of any of the following services:

    Removal of old clothesline ($55)

    Removal of concrete (eg. old rotary clotheslines and ground mount bulbs beneath the surface) ($145)

    Ground mount plates for ground mounts to be set on concrete/pavers (eg. Austral $190)

    Installation includes FREE width modification (folding frames only) if required. Note depth cannot be modified.

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