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Hills Portable Clothesline 170 Monument

Hills Portable 170 Clothesline is an innovative indoor/outdoor drying solution that bridges the gap between conventional outdoor clotheslines and indoor clothes airers. Its tall height and 1.7m long uninterrupted lines are perfect for towels and sheets, and the 17m drying capacity is ample for the largest washing load. We back this product to stand the test of time with Hills Lifetime Warranty.


Fully weatherproofed with the same material construction as a clothesline.


Tall frame sits 1.45m high, enabling multiple sheets & towels to hang. Holds up to 34kg of washing.


Folds flat and comes supplied with a door hanger for easy storage.


Open: 1.45m (H) x 2.4m (W) x 0.8m (D)





Hills Portable Clothesline 170 Monument

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